One Word


I am proud to say that I have now voted in 10 presidential elections. There were a couple that I had to hold my nose and vote against someone rather than for the actual person I selected but I have to say I have never been more excited to vote for someone than I was today.


7 responses to “One Word

  1. I cast my vote at 7:10 this morning. Now I’m knitting like mad to keep down the tension while we wait.

    • 11-(Copy from last post) Odom is a waste of space..Everybody keeps talkinng about his talent and versatility but i fail to see it. He has no post moves whatsoever ,cant hit the 3 has no jumpshot,has only one arm,goes only on one direction and when he drives to the lane 9 out of 10 times he commits an O foul. These are the facts on Phandom and are irrefutable so i say give him away.He does more bad than good on our team. (I posted that as &#22n1;ano8ymous” yesterday after the game) Has a bit of frustration in it but i believe it to be true.

  2. Done! Took me 1.5 hours to get through the line!

  3. OMG- Voting was so muck quicker now that I live way up here amongst the cows!

    • Surglisinpry well-written and informative for a free online article.

    • yeah man im not gonna lie im pretty embarrassed lol but idc i never get to watch ufc anymore cause we had to get that channel off and i really dont care about the diaz bros i know gsp can take both lets be real here the point is both of them are decent in a way but gsp just needs to fight bigger prey.

  4. I was so excited I took photos of my ballot – no lie. Now how to get through tonight???

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