It’s a new day dawning

I feel like I have been holding my breath forever.  I still cannot believe the number of voters who participated this year. 85% of the registered voters in my little town came out to vote.  It just goes to prove that the only way the republicans can “win” is to suppress votes, and play dirty, while attempting to divide and conquer with red herring and divisive morality issues that have no place in government.

Last night as I watched the crowd gather in Chicago and wishing I could be there, I was struck by the faces in the crowd.  Talk about America the beautiful, America the diverse.  The America I know and love finally got off their collective butts, came out and participated in the democratic process.

It also struck me as I watched Senator McCain give his concession speech at just how wonderbread white his crowd was.  I also have to say that the McCain I heard last night, was the McCain I could have actually voted for, and not the McCain that ran this past year.  I guess this goes to show what happens when you sell your principles and integrity out to win.  You end up losing in the end, and usually it a greater loss than just the prize you were striving for.  I wonder if he is reflecting on this today.  I hope so, I actually respected the old McCain.

I know that just getting Obama voted in isn’t the end of all our troubles, but it sure feels good.  To know that there is a person who wouldn’t sell out his integrity or principles; who remains calm and collected during a crisis and who believes that we are all responsible for what happens in our personal lives and collectively we can work to set America back on the path towards a more progressive society.

I was also very surprised and somewhat delighted that Massachusetts actually voted in favor of decriminalizing pot – a measure way overdue.  Pot is not Oxycontin or Heroin.  It’s a victimless crime.  And it’s about time we started doing some serious research into it’s medical properties.  Many of my close friends would not have made it through cancer treatments and other serious illnesses without it.  Thankfully they lived in California.

We also banned greyhound racing.  This was a hard decision for me.  It was hard to ban a ‘industry’ and that 1000 people will likely lose their jobs, but I think we have to start raising our standards and start investing and encouraging socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible industries.  Not all CEOs are greedy bastards, just most of them.  Not all of them pollute, or mistreat people and/or animals, but if we are to advance our civilization and clean up our planet, then It is up to us, we the people,  to start demanding that industries and those responsible do the right thing, just as it is up to us to participate and stay vigilant with our government.  It’s the only way we will ever achieve a more perfect union.

Goddess bless America!

Finally that breath of fresh air.


2 responses to “It’s a new day dawning

  1. I can’t say i agree with all of your opinions, but I completely agree with the post election feeling. I think MA is moving forward (other states are moving backward, but I can’t fix everything all at once 🙂
    I hope you make it tonight I haven’t seen you in forever!

  2. It feels good, doesn’t it? Finally. (and DAMN I missed open studios AGAIN, rats…)

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