Veteran’s Day


Robert Harold Chantler

August 1926 – May 2008

Dad served on the USS Heywood L. Edwards during WWII in the Pacific. He participated in major operations on Iwo Jima, Okinawa and in the Leyte Gulf. He was seventeen years old and served as a sonar operator and fantail gunner.

Heywood L. Edwards received seven battle stars for her service in WWII and a Navy Unit Commendation for her outstanding part in the great amphibious operations of 1944–45.

Thank you for your service Dad, we miss you.

Please be sure to thank any and all veteran’s you come in contact with.

Today is the 90th Anniversary of Armistice Day.
In 1918 in the 11th month, on the 11th day, at the 11th hour, the end of the end to end all wars.

Our doughboys fought and ended war forever, but they didn’t end the flu which killed most of them by 1919.
So celebrate, like in all years past at 11pm tonight, get in your car and flash the lights and honk the horns.

And pray that we get out of Iran quickly and cleanly and never again send our young men and women into harms way.


2 responses to “Veteran’s Day

  1. “He was seventeen years old” And so freakin cute! Go Dad. Mine was a punchcard operator in Vietnam. Talk about old school geeky 🙂

  2. Amen! Wonderful tribute.

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