Turkey Time

Man it’s been crazy here lately.

Family Thanksgiving day has been canceled by my mom – not sure all the reasons so, my sister is having a low key turkey dinner at her house, I decided to volunteer to cover the phones for work for a few hours. Mom was invited up but has declined. I will go down on Saturday to help make Kolachki cookies with her. We will do the traditional ones with chopped walnuts, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg filling. These are our families all time favorite cookies.

Added in later:  I am going to a cookie swap the first weekend in December and was wondering what everyone’s favorite holiday cookie was.  Just leave a comment.  I love cookies, but hate to bake them and so it’s always fun to try new cookie recipes…   especially easy ones!

Darling Daughter decided that since we weren’t having the big family dinner and it’s just the two of us, she wanted Chicken and Dumplings instead of Turkey but then decided she was going to go with a friend to her aunts for dinner, so it will be blissfully quiet around here and I don’t have to cook. I will probably just go over to my sisters after my phone stint and eat turkey over there. I might even make the waldorf salad to bring and a pumpkin pie. Then we can hang around watching movies and knitting for the evening. Works for me and hopefully I get to snag some turkey and stuffing leftovers for sandwiches later.

I am really looking forward to some peace and quiet in my life right now. Even the cats have been needy lately.

I actually have been busy with things other than needy family members and work hassles. I’ve been knitting some gorgeous cabled fingerless gloves – free pattern here. These are a quick knit and a great project for learning or practicing small cables. The cable design on the wrist makes these fit really nicely. I will definitely be knitting this pattern many times.

I just need to charge my camera and get some pictures to post soon.

And some other news. My sister and I are taking on another studio space at Western Ave. in Lowell. She had decided to leave her studio at the Brush Art Gallery for a variety of reasons. This means she’ll be moving her looms over so we need more storage space and working space. We are also coming up with a business plan to add more studio rental ideas, such as, she will warp one of her looms and you can come and weave your scarf there at the studio, more dye days, and I will be renting use of my drum carder (which I still love) and my spare Lendrum single treadle wheel. I figure I could rent these weekly and have them get some additional use so they aren’t just sitting and collecting dust. More on that after the first of the year.

So things are moving – sometimes in different directions at different speeds but at least I am waking up on the right side of the dirt every morning.

I also want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and wish you all a safe holiday with peace and prosperity.


3 responses to “Turkey Time

  1. Wow! Lots going on. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please wish Cindy the same for me!

  2. Hope you have a good day knitting instead of cooking. We are heading to Plymouth Plantation, so no cooking for me either 🙂 Hope to see you sometime soon – feels like ages…

  3. No wonder I haven’t seen you in forever! I’m glad things are going well, though. I hope someday soon we get to do some knitting together 🙂

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