We survived

We did survive the first ice storm of the season.  I was pretty scary to hear all the crack booms followed by what sounded like breaking glass but what turned out to be the branches and  ice falling off the pine trees.  Fortunately nothing was damaged, just a bunch of debris in the yard and no electricity until sometime Saturday afternoon.  We only lost one tree and it fell between the neighbors cars  so no damage.


And just to prove that I have been knitting (actually I knit this pattern in blue, purple, burgundy red (2 pairs), black ( 2 pairs), grey , green, and maroon/kiwi green multicolor – 9 pairs total 🙂


Unfortunately it was too dark to knit at night by candlelight, but fortunately the studio had electricity and heat so Open Studio’s was a good place to be this weekend even though there was not a lot of traffic – those that came through were buying and that is a good thing.

Oh I found a replacement baking unit for my oven, which had disintegrated after I had self-cleaned my oven on Thursday night to get ready for a weekend of baking – which due to lack of electricity didn’t happen.

Thanks to my friend Bob who has a generator and a fireplace we had a warm place to sleep Friday night and a hot shower in the morning on Saturday morning.


One response to “We survived

  1. What’s the pattern for those mitts? They look yummy.

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