It’s beginning to look a lot like….

Christmas the Frozen Tundra.  After 47 hours of continuous snow we accumulated over two feet and I am still digging out.


The Christmas tree is up, the cookies are made, the shopping is done and all that is left is to do some wrapping (assuming that can indeed deliver everything today or tomorrow as promised).

Since this year it’s only going to be myself, Grace, our friend Bob and maybe one or two other drop in orphans, I am cooking a boneless rib roast for Christmas Dinner – yup the who roast beast.  We plan on having yorkshire pudding too, roasted veggies, and of course something yummy for dessert, but I am not doing the Buche Noel as usual.

I did not knit for Christmas this year for anyone which was a big stress reducer.  Although I do have a couple of pairs of socks to finish up and a quickie scarf.

I also started to sort through the stash and try to get that organized before moving into the new studio space in March.  I am really looking forward to that!


One response to “It’s beginning to look a lot like….

  1. I swear it started snowing here on Friday afternoon, and didn’t stop until sometime in the middle of the night last night! So, we got like 60 hours worth, about the same total accumulation, though.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Good move not knitting this year, I usually don’t, but decided to this year. Everything will be done just in time, but with no real stress.

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