Big Piles of White Fluff

Yes it snowed again last night but that isn’t what I am sharing today.

Remember this?


It’s the 7 + pounds of Romney fleece I bought at Rhinebeck last year.

I had no idea how I was going to wash and dry it before spring and the warm weather came (if ever).  That was until my friend Britt picked up the totally awesome drying rack from Ikea for me.

Now I have this 🙂


Way cool!  Lots of happy spinning hours ahead.


UPDATE:  Jen asked how I got this fiber so clean.

Let me just rave about Unicorn Power Scour – this was washed once in hot tap water then rinsed twice.  They also make a fiber wash and rinse that I must try soon.

The fiber is squeaky clean and smells wonderful.  Two Big Thumbs Up on this stuff.  The best part – it’s biodegradable AND it cleans the fiber in cooler temps so there is less chance of it felting.


4 responses to “Big Piles of White Fluff

  1. Oo that looks so squishable!

  2. Beautiful! How did you get it so squeaky clean??

  3. oh I am so glad it worked!!! That is awesome

  4. That rack is great. Can’t wait to see what you do with all that wool.

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