More fluff

This past Saturday was yet another Open Studio.  I love these days.  This particular Saturday I brought in a big bag of the recently scoured and lovely Romney fleece to card.


Here is the setup – note big bag o’ fluff in the back, large Dunkin Donuts coffee to the side, and the awesome carder – clean, secured and ready to roll.

lovely-fluffSee this lovely romney fluff – it was a pleasure to card.


See the big fluffy batts?  I barely made a dent in the bag of clean fleece.  I suspect I will be spinning this for awhile.  I did manage to spin up one batt but didn’t take pics yet – it spins like butter.  I am looking forward to dyeing  some of this up to see how it takes color.


2 responses to “More fluff

  1. wow, that looks like cumulonimbus or maybe nimbostratus clouds. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. And, as we now know, the stuff practically spins itself.

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