Is it Spring yet?

It must be daylight savings time starts this weekend! YAY!  I love daylight savings time.  I love having it light out after I get home from work.  When it’s dark out I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head.  Now that there is actual daylight, I might actually get back to doing more things after work.

This past weekend was Spa weekend in Freeport.  What a great time!  I stayed with some lovely ladies from my knitting and spinning groups, Julie, Debbi, Mary and blogless Kathy.  We laughed, we knit, we laughed, we spun, we laughed, we ate, we laughed, we shopped and we laughed some more.  Check their pages for some more photos of the weekend.

We stayed in a condo at the Harraseeket Inn and it worked out perfectly.  Not only was there plenty of space, but a kitchen for coffee in the morning and a wonderful pennesgetti dinner with meatballs, foccacia bread, and salad.  Yum!  We could have fed a small army.

I supported most of the vendors there and then joined the road trip on Sunday to Halcyon and Purl Diva for more fiber and a lovely lunch at the Joshua Tavern in Brunswick, ME.  The Seafood Chowder was delicious!

I took one photo the entire trip (I know bad blogger! yet again).  But we were just having too much fun.  Here it is a photo of Julie with her beautiful new coat from the LL Bean outlet – such a deal!


All of us said we cannot wait until next year to do this again!


Boy it sure seems like there is a lot of things going on right now, it’s crazy and only getting crazier.

This weekend is Open Studio weekend.  I will be there in the old studio (306A), the new studio will not be ready yet.  We just got the keys and there is much painting, cleaning and moving to be done.  But I am so excited!  It’s going to be amazing once everything gets done.

Once we are in I will be scheduling some dye days.  Both Cindy and I have a ton of stuff that we’ve been putting off dyeing until we can get into the new studio.  Let me know if you are interested and what weekend works for you.

I also have a ton of fiber to be carded too.  Let’s hope the longer days help me get some of this done.

I did finish the socks I was knitting before I left for spa and actually got to wear them!  Everything else seems to be in some time warp and no matter how much I knit nothing seems to be getting done.

I also spun a bit over 4 ounces of my hand-dyed merino superwash roving over the weekend, it just needs to be plied (2-ply), maybe tonight?

I promise pictures to come soon of the Spa Weekend booty.


2 responses to “Is it Spring yet?

  1. Sounds like a great time! I love that the only picture you took is of Julie and her new coat 🙂

  2. Oh, I can’t believe I missed Spa, although I thought it was a week earlier. So, I am glad I didn’t drive to Freeport then!

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