New Do and Socks Too!


I got my hair cut last weekend.  Most of the color is gone,  I think I’m going to go native finally, a couple of more cuts and the dye will be gone.

And finally proof that I have been knitting socks.


These were a pattern I kinda made up of different stitch patterns.  The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Wild Cherry.


And I am working on another pair of plain socks – the yarn is from the Socks that Rock Club last year.  I hope I have enough to squeek out a pair of socks for me.

I still have to take pics of the Spa Booty – soon I promise.


3 responses to “New Do and Socks Too!

  1. I used to have the same phone on my desk. I know, lame thing to comment about, but I already told you I liked your hair 😉

    And I love the new socks!!!

  2. I love the haircut. I especially like the little flip it makes around your ear. I am considering cutting mine, but am afraid that any stylist will botch cutting my curls.

    Great sock colors. I love Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I’ve yet to experience STR. One day . . . one day!

  3. Great socks – love, love that pink. And I do like your do as well 😉

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