Is it Friday yet?

I know we just had a weekend but I was so busy it went by way too fast.

Saturday was the big “Grand Opening” for the new second floor studios at Western Avenue.  It was really busy and really fun.

Of course I didn’t get a chance to take any photos – bad blogger, I know.

One of the other artists had stopped by last week to see if I could teach a friend of hers to spin.  Only caveat was that she was in a wheel chair and was a double amputee.  So the wheel was out….   I was wishing I hadn’t sold my electric spinner too.    So that left spindling.   I am not a spindler.   I have tried and tried and have even continued to purchase beautiful spindles, but I have yet to really ‘take” to spindling.   So in anticipation of trying to teach someone something I am not very comfortable with I went on line to view all the videos I could find.  I  even decided to make a few of the cheap CD spindles to play with at the studio.    By Saturday I actually sort of had the hang of it as was able to at least show her how to do it and we both sat there and ‘practiced’.  It was lots of fun.   Now I am tempted once again by those lovely Bosworth and Golding spindles.  oh oh

I also met some lovely knitters and hopefully they will be getting in touch to set up a dyeing day.   (Email me – lynne at tangledandwarped dot com).

I also met a lovely dutch woman who’s mother had spun and she had her mothers ancient spinning wheel but wasn’t sure if it worked but she thinks she has all the parts.  She is going to bring it in so I can look at it, clean it up, oil it, get a new drive band on it and see if we can get it going.  Let’s hope that works out too, if she’s missing parts or we cannot get it going then I will definitely send her to someone who can fix/repair whatever to get it going.

So let’s hope some of these pan out.

I am currently knitting some of the alpaca from Peru into a Kimono Shawl.  <rav link>  I am almost 1/2 way done.  It’s a very lovely lace pattern that is fun to knit, but you do need the chart in front of you as you go.   So I started an even easier (Old Shale) lace stole using my hand spun.  I’m doing 2 rows of each color and so far I like it a lot.  And of course the old shale pattern is easy peasy to remember so no charts necessary.
I also carded up a couple of batts of the Border Leicester that I got in Connecticut and spun that up – yummy.  I’m thinking sweater/coat for this.

Sunday was kind of crudy weather-wise and I was pretty beat from Saturday and the all the work leading up to Saturday, so I spent most of the day doing much needed chores around the house (laundry, etc.) and watching Sci-Fi channels marathon of Stephen King’s Rose Red.  Just scary enough for me without being too scary.

And now it’s Monday again.   So once again I ask “Is it Friday yet?”

Coming up

Saturday, May 9th I am planning on going to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival but it all depends on the weather – because it really sucks up there if it’s raining a lot.

I am also ‘thinking’ of going the following weekend (May 16th) to the Web’s Annual Tent and Fleece Sale.   That is if there is anything left in the fiber budget.

Then it’s Memorial Day the following weekend… Summer YIKES!


4 responses to “Is it Friday yet?

  1. I love spindling, but haven’t done it in a long time. It is the way I learned to spin before taking to the wheel and falling hard for the craft. Congrats on finally “getting” it. I am sure you and your student really had a great time.

    Congrats on the studio opening.

    Have fun in all of your fibery plans. It seems like it rains every single NH S&W that I’ve heard about. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

  2. Ugh, why is it NOT friday yet?!?

    I’m with you on the spindling thing, too…. I never quite took to it; spinning on a wheel just seemed so much more natural to me.

    I”m actually considering foregoing NHSW so as to avoid buying fiber I don’t need and don’t have any space for… sigh!

  3. i am just starting to learn how to use drop spindle, spinning is something i so want to learn. thought starting with a spindle would be a good idea.

    that kimono shawl is beautiful.

  4. Hi, there, did the weather hold out for you this weekend? Make your NH trip?

    Wet and blustery here in NY.

    I did get to see some sheep … and a fox and raccoon release … though.

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