Back to work…

I took a week and a half off work to have some major dental surgery done and to have some time to recover from it.  I’m doing ok – still eating soft foods.  I did finally haz the cheezeburger I have been craving and it only took me 45 minutes to eat it.  At least I should be losing some weight.

The weather was awesome for most of the week but even with all this time off, I did not knit one stitch.  I just couldn’t focus.  Instead I did some major spring cleaning…  I shampooed my carpets, washed my windows,  planted flowers, mowed the lawn (twice), got the house and deck power washed and cleaned out a bunch of stuff but barely made a dent in all the accumulated junk.  I really need to simplify my spaces.  I dyed almost 5 lbs of fiber at the studio and spun about 6 skeins of various yarns.  So I guess you can say I was productive while I was out.

At least I am getting some stuff together for vending at the Squam Lake Art Fair on June 6th from 7:30pm until 9pm at the Rockywold-Deephaven Camps in Holderness, NH (directions here) – the fair will be held in building #67 – DEEPHAVEN DINING ROOM (map of the camp here).  Following this there will be a ravelry party.  So if you are up in NH, near Squam Lake plan to come by and party with Brian, myself and other Ravelers.  It should be loads of fun.


3 responses to “Back to work…

  1. That is grandson Aidan’s 2nd BD party, but I might be able to con/convince/bribe hubby to let me have a detour afterwards. I have a lovely lot of spun wool that begs colorizing and I have you in mind for that!

  2. Is it a Spring Thing, wanting to simplify our lives? Or is it a (cough, cough) time of life that makes us want less, and to see the accumulation as the junk it truly is? I’d like to tip the house on end, give it a shake, sell everything that falls into the yard, and start anew.

    Glad to hear you’re eating again, but sorry that the recovery is so seemingly slow.

  3. Glad you are feeling a little better. Send some of that spring cleaning mojo over here, would you? I could definitely use it.

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