Squam Lake

What a perfectly lovely weekend.   Saturday I left early and finally got to Brian‘s a little after 1pm.  He had a lovely lunch of homemade zucchini soup, with a fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese and basil salad and warm fresh bread.  It was delicious and we ate it all!

It was such a lovely day and we had plenty of time before we had to be at the lake so we headed over to the Patternworks Tent Sale.  It was the last day so there really wasn’t much left but I did find some lovely natural alpaca and silk lace-weight.  I am definitely dyeing the two skeins I got (800+ yards each) so more than enough!  I also picked up a pamphlet of Ukrainian Shawl Patterns for inspiration.  Even better was getting the extra 20% off for the last/end of the day bonus.  SCORE!

I would show photos but my browser keeps crashing every time I attempt to load a photo.

We got up to Squam Lake early so we were able to wander around a bit and we found a lovely spot to hang out.  Brian had some knitting and I had brought my spindle.  So we are hanging and who should drive up in her very recognizable purple PT Cruiser…. Annie Modesitt!  I tried not to gush too badly  –  but she is one of my strong women heroes.  So Brian and I helped her in with her boxes.  She was very nice and very gracious even though she was feeling horrible from all the pollen.  Feel better Annie!

Brian and I then lugged in all our stuff and set up our table – it looked fabulous and we had lots of stuff so our two weekends of dyeing were not wasted.

It was really wonderful to talk to all the people that had been there for the retreat all weekend.  Everyone seemed to have really enjoyed it and considering the spectacular views and peaceful location – I would have been happy to just sit on their porch overlooking the lake for three days 🙂

The Ravelry party was really great!  Jess and Casey brought in pizzas, beers and sodas for everyone.  I managed to snag one of their “ripped” shot glasses!  Too cool!

Brian and I both did pretty well for the 1.5 hours we were selling and we just might have to do this again if we can find the right venue.   And somehow I need to stash some cash to come to this retreat as a participant someday.

Oh and Jody came to hang with us too so afterwards the three of us went out for drinks and food at the local Chili’s.  I have to remember Salsa Hornitos Tequila for margaritas – it’s really good!  After dropping Brian off – I headed home and went straight to bed.

I’m still spinning up a storm with little or no knitting going on.

But check out what Cindy, my sister, has been up to!


4 responses to “Squam Lake

  1. Sounds like a great time!

  2. Sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! When I grow up, I’m gonna go to a Sock Summit and TNNA and… you know, all those fun things! Do you have a favorites list to share of fiber events in the Northeast?

  3. oh what a treat it was to see you and the moon on the drive home was spectacular over the lake…it truly was an amazing place, I too would like to go as a participant some day. Your yarn is gorgeous and the roving is inspiring me into a landscape piece…no pics yet…work in progress
    My book from Annie was/is awesome! Hope to see you soon! Jodi

  4. Lynne I’m so glad the event went so well for you! Your table looked great!!!

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