Kali asks what my favorite fiber events are.    First of all, I haven’t been to all of them yet so I cannot say that I have a favorite.  And it’s kind of like picking a favorite child, they are are so unique and loved for their own special ways.

I love the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival because it’s small and easy to see everything in a few hours and because it’s usually the first one of the season.

I love the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival because it too is close enough to go for a day trip and I get to see vendors that weren’t at the Connecticut one.

I also love the NH Sheep and Wool Festival.  Again good for a day trip and there are usually lots of friends to run into.

I also love NETA Spa, Rhinebeck and Fiber Revival.

Basically I love anything to do with fiber, knitting, spinning, and hanging out with friends.

There is a really good list of most if not all of the fiber events and resources in the New England area on the NETA Blog .  So definitely check that out.   I am sure I could probably find something fibery to do every weekend if I had the time and money.  Now if I could just win the lottery!

I am really hoping to get to Nashua’s Greely Park this Saturday for the Annual Knit in Public celebration.  Anybody else going to be there?

Here is a photo of our vendor table at the Squam Lake Retreat from last weekend – the browser finally cooperated.  That is Brian in the back and look at that view we had!

Squam Lake 1

That reminds me I still need to take inventory to see what is left!


One response to “Favorites?

  1. Nice display! Aren’t we so lucky to have so many fibery events in our corner of the world!

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