Busy Weekend

Friday was Laural’s birthday – Don’s was the week before and Scott’s is next week, so we had an impromptu gathering with lots of food and fun Friday night.

Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day.  So I met up with Cindy and Kristine and drove up to Nashua’s Greeley Park to meet up with all the lovely people from Ewe’ll Love It and from around the area.  I brought my spinning wheel since that is where my current creative mojo is taking me. 

KIP with Cindy and Kristine

Got home and fixed myself dinner then sat spinning while watching the Red Sox. Since I was too lazy to change channels during the rain delay I got to see this.

Papelbon and Delcarmen as Nilli Vanilli – Blame it on the Rain

It is very VERY funny.  Enjoy!

Sunday it was rainy when I woke up, so I just rolled over and snoozed.  I finally did get up and went down to see Mom.  I brought dinner (bay scallops, zucchini, summer squash and asparagas) Yummy.

I so don’t want to be back at work today.


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