No more rain! No more rain!

Wasn’t that the chant from Woodstock?

I think we are all starting to grow mold from all this rain. The good part is that everything is green and lush. I like that.

The bad thing is I barely get enough of a rain break to get the lawn mowed so it doesn’t look like an abandoned meadow.


The hydrangea love this weather – it’s a beautiful blueish yellow.


The honeysuckle is grown wild and it smells lovely too.

I am working on a shrug for a friend and it’s coming along nicely (no pics) they might see it before it’s finished.

Spent the evening yesterday hanging in the hot tub with darling daughter instead of knitting – it was really nice. She gave me a pedicure and manicure afterward while I watched the Red Sox kick butt again.  Not sure who is the cutest Jacoby or Papelbon (sigh).

After multiple trips and a few hours at the DMV I finally got the plate for the trailer. Only to get the registration renewal for the car today. I was just thanking the gods that I could do it on-line and not have to actually go to the DMV…. but then I noticed the little note that says that you should check your MA license because they do not sent out license renewal notices anymore. Yikes, I have been driving with an expired license since JANUARY! Back to the DMV for a new license. I am so glad to get a new photo because the last one was so bad – the lighting at the DMV makes me look like Uncle Fester.

Bob helped me get the hitch installed yesterday, and pick out (we hope) the right adapter for the camper to car hookup and with any luck Mary and I will be bringing home the popup this weekend! Wish us luck.  I am so looking forward to camping in it this summer.  Lake Champlain in a couple of weeks, and a trip to Hermit Island for sure!


2 responses to “No more rain! No more rain!

  1. No more license renewal notices?? I would end up in the pokey for sure. Good thing you noticed!

  2. I always lose the first honeysuckle buds to some little insects but after I spray and get rid of them it’s fine the rest of the season. I have new buds emerging on it now as well as a passle of lady bugs. Need to get the photos posted now that I’ve survived dentist round one.

    I rather like the meadow look, been trying to talk Jason into a clover lawn.

    How’s your mouth doing now?

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