In spite of the rain…

My friend Mary and I headed up to New Hampshire this weekend to pick up the camper. YAY!

What a blast.  Every time I am with the girls I laugh so much my sides hurt.

the girls

I only had my cellphone camera so excuse the blurries.  The food was awesome! The company was great!

Mary and KathyMary and Kathy with my ‘new’ camper in the background.   I was very warm, dry and comfortable sleeping in my new play house on wheels.

And the good news is we got it home all safe and sound.


Once I got home I got a call from Gracie.  Apparently she and Bob have become adoptive parents of three baby raccoons, she has named Peanut, Butter, and Jelly.

Grace1They think Grace is the mommy because she chitters at them.  The mommy raccoon apparently was hit and killed by a car sometime last week.  Bob called about every rescue facility in a 100 mile radius and they are overloaded with raccoon rescues right now, so ‘unofficially’ they are helping Grace and Bob keep these babies going until they either have room for them or they can be released into the wild on their own.

They are so damn cute and although they were in pretty bad shape after a week with no mama, they have come to life with some warmth, a little puppy formula,  water, granola and yogurt chips and a surrogate mom to scritch and give them love.


There just seems to be some poetic justice that Grace is up all night worrying about her ‘babies’.   And yes I am enjoying this fact.


5 responses to “In spite of the rain…

  1. Truly poetic, they are TOO CUTE!!

  2. Wishing Grace luck with the babies! They look like they’re old enough to be feeding themselves, which is good. Hope they continue to thrive and can return to the wild safely!

    And how cool! Your own pop-up! Where’s the next trip with it?


  3. Okay, now that is just too cute.

    And I love that pop-up! No more sleeping bags and waking up in a puddle after a night of rain, LOL. How much fiber does it hold? 😉

  4. Awww! This could be the beginning of a beautiful career for Grace. I don’t think it is “coincidence” that she found 3 raccoon pups to nurse. I think she should consider a career in Vet Science.

    Love the camper. It is my dream for the 5 of us to get one and go camping a couple times a year. I will live vicariously through you in the meantime.

  5. Gotta love the camper – looks just great! My friends who use them at dog shows set up “EZ Ups”
    or Quick Shade canopies in front of them and have little patios … joining up lots of canopies makes a whole community of pop-ups … FUN!

    and the babies look good and healthy … glad to hear that #4 made it down the tree 🙂

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