oh where, oh where has our summer gone?

and when will it get here?

The rain finally quit long enough for me to get the pop-up opened, wiped down and the camping gear loaded.

Mary and I set off on the campers maiden voyage to Crown Point, NY on Lake Champlain.

We skirted rain along the way through the Green Mountains of Vermont.  Most of the nasty weather seemed to stay just south of us.  When we arrived a the campground if fortunately was not raining, and after many attempts to get the camper level so we could set it up we did and not too late as the rain came just as we finished the setup.


There are two bridges that cross Lake Champlain and this is the one we came across from Vermont into New York.


The rain finally let up so we could get out and scout some local wood for the campfire and ice for the margaritas coolers.

On our way back to the site the sun popped out and made rainbows.


So we walked down to the lighthouse on the campground and we could still see the rainbow through the trees.

lighthouse w rainbow

It didn’t rain for the rest of the evening so we cooked some hot dogs and s’mores over the fire…. YUM!


Sure it looks easy – but I am not telling about the place I got the car and camper in – lets just say I am now an expert at backing the camper up now. 🙂

Saturday a high school friend (Rick) and his wife (Brittany) stopped by.  We grilled lamb speidies with salad and cocktails.  Then we walked over to the old ruins of the forts (Fort Frederic and Fort Crown Point) to check out the museum and the area.  What spectacular views of the lake – yes we all forgot our cameras and phones… sigh – but it was gorgeous.

After they left Mary and I settled in for another night of cocktails, campfire, dogs and smores. 🙂

Sunday the sun popped out so we decided to take a drive down to Lake George.  It was a lovely ride and when we got to the town proper, we checked out the local craft show and some of the shops along the main drag.  We thought about taking a cruise, but decided the weather was a bit too iffy.


We got back to camp around 5pm (bearing more ice and fire wood).  Margaritas and Tacos for dinner.  A bit of knitting by the fire until it got too dark to see.  I think I managed to get about 4 inches knit on a sock all weekend.

I think it rained a bit Sunday night but when we got up Monday am it didn’t look promising.  So we got our stuff together, the camper and the cars packed up and ready to go.

Things we learned…

1.  if you cannot push the beds in chances are you forgot to put the galley down so it’s blocking your path.

2.  be careful when taking down the awning – if it has rained then chance are one of you (in this case ME!) will get a load of nasty COLD water dumped on your head.

and finally… duct tape doesn’t stick when it’s been damp and wet for a month…  we did manage to save most of the pots and pans that flew out of the one of the compartments of the camper as we were climbing the Green Mountains on our way home.  Fortunately there was a turnout so we could pull over and retrieve the items in the road.  We did end up sacrificing the coffee pot – it had fallen out about 2 miles down the mountain road and I wasn’t going back… I think we lost the griddle too.   Oh well, note to fix the latches before we head out camping again.

Also add swivel tongue jack to list of camping items to get from the RV store.  I’m sure the list will get longer.


5 responses to “oh where, oh where has our summer gone?

  1. I was going to ask how you got along pulling the trailer, but somehow I don’t think now is the time.

    It all sounds wonderful, and I wish I lived closed enough to impose on you when you next go camping.

  2. amandacathleen

    Sounds like a great time! Camping in a camper is so much better than camping in tents. Love the pictures of the rainbows! mmmm, and now I want ‘smores…

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you got the camper out, and learned a few things while you were at it.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend aside from the tumbling kitchenware 🙂 SO nice to get away, isn’t it?

    Btw, will you be camping at Rhinebeck this year? If not you’d better boogie – I just booked the *last* room I could find, lol!

    • à ARDEN : vous n’êtes pas le seul à penser juste ! Ouf. Mais il faut aussi comprendre ce système où le nombre permet mieux de le perpétuer … A propos de l’ISF d’aucun élus vous diront qu’il est scandaleux que des particuliers puissent détenir tant d&aoqus;rctifs, alors que leur collectivité est endettée pour 50 ans.

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