Yes, I really have been spinning.  And I finally found my camera in the bottom of my spinning basket.

See – I finally got the hang of spindling spinning and as you can probably guess… I am addicted to spindling.  Now I have been purchasing spindles for years with the high hopes of falling in love with it.  It just took a little time to warm up to it and get the hang of it.


As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve even taken to making spindles similar to this one, but I just don’t have the artistic flair to embellish them as nicely as this one is.  And one thing I have discovered that although I have a beautiful walnut spindle and another fairly fancy one.  It’s these simple spindles that work best for me.

I also dragged the wheel out, to spin some of that lovely alpaca I had carded up, only because it was so lovely and I still have more control with the wheel than I do with the spindle.   So let me share my two skeins.  On the left is the alpaca.  See how thin and lovely it spun up.  On the right is the corriedale cross I picked up this year at NHSW.  Both of these are two ply.


Only 4 more days until we go camping!!!!  Now I just need to decide what fiber to bring with my spindle 🙂


One response to “Spinning

  1. I am impressed! And just think – more knitting-related stuff to buy, yay! 😉

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