You spin me right ’round baby…

It’s been crazy busy,  and to paraphrase Frodo: I feel like I’m being stretched thin like butter over bread.  Too much to do and no enough (quality) time to do it in.

Work is so depressing, more layoffs, not knowing if I get to keep mine only to lose it in a month or two.  I really don’t like feeling this unstable with regard to being employed.

But with the employment I can continue to afford my pleasure – the studio!

Speaking of the studio.  I’ve been working on the outer wall.  It’s still in progress but here is what we’ve done so far.


By the way,  Saturday Open Studio is this weekend, so stop by if you are in the Lowell area.  I will be here from noon to 5pm at least, probably earlier and longer.

I’ve also finished spinning the rest of Caroline (the Alpaca) remember this from 2007 CT Sheep and Wool?


Well it now looks like this!

Hand spu Alpaca

Sorry for the crummy phone camera shot.  I am waiting for a new lithium battery to come for my camera.  This is 100 grams, approx 568 yards of fine laceweight.

And here is the sample skein I did first.


It really wanted to be frog hair thin.  This is the two ply I got out of this.  This is about 200 yds.

I think it wants to be the Aestlight Shawl (rav link here).   But that will have to wait for now.  I really must get going on the kimono project.  More on that later.


4 responses to “You spin me right ’round baby…

  1. I love the sign! SO great 🙂

  2. The wall looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. Bilbo. Not Frodo. But boy do I understand what he meant too. Lovely spinning too.

  4. The wall’s looking great … and that alpaca yarn looks lovely. I think I’d be too scared to work with yarn that fine yet. I’ll stick to my Walmart Special till I gain some confidence. LOL

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