Baby it’s cold outside…

I love living in New England.  I love the changing of the seasons.  I even like winter, at least for awhile.  What I really do not like is the occasional arctic blasts of frigid air we get.  I wouldn’t mind them so much if I could just pull the down puff back over my head and cuddle closer to the kitty, but alas I am forced to get up, shower and go to work.

This picture if from our first day of real snow last week.  At least the driveway is clear but there is still snow everywhere else.

This past weekend was the last Holiday Open Studio weekend.  Although the crowds seemed a little smaller, there seemed to be more buyers this weekend which made it all worthwhile.

There were lots of goodies out that I had picked up at Trader Joes, so most of us spent the day spinning/knitting and grazing.

Thank you to every one who came by to hang out or just popped in to say Hi!

I did manage to finish spinning the lovely alpaca angora blend that I picked up at Rhinebeck – but alas it sold before I could get a photo of it.  I know the knitter who nabbed that so I cannot wait to see what she makes!

I’m now spinning the llama/alpaca/cormo/angora blend.  I think I will keep this one and if there is enough yardage it should make a lovely swirl scarf.

I am also happy to announce I am done, done DONE! with my holiday shopping!  YAY!  Let the wrapping commence.  I wasn’t going to put up any decorations this year, since DD is still living at Bob’s.  But I had run up to the Christmas Tree Shop to pick up so stocking stuffers, and wrapping supplies and found a cute little already decorated tree that just required plugging in.  For $9 it was right up my alley, so the ‘tree’ is up. LOL!

Darling Daughter  is doing well.  She and some friends stopped by the studio this weekend.  Next weekend is her 18th!!!! birthday.  YIKES!!  That sure went by fast, at least it appears fast in retropect.


One response to “Baby it’s cold outside…

  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend at the shop! But there is NO WAY that little girl is eighteen. Not possible. Jeeez! Happy Birthday!

    How soft is that homespun … ? It sounds glorious. And how hard is it to clean fresh shear? :-p All I can think of is all that fleece down the hill going to waste in the spring, when I read your blog posts. LOL

    I think I finished Xmas shopping yesterday, too. Stocking stuffers, gifts for Dad and the pets. Just have to get the foodstuffs, bake, knit more socks, get the tree and decorate it….

    The humorous thing is that all this planning, shopping, baking, decorating … and it’s all over in one day, you take down the decor a couple weeks later, and start planning all over again for next year.

    Happy Holidays, my dear!

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