Another trip around the sun…

Is it me or are these trips around the sun faster than they used to be?

Now that the afterglow aftermath of the holidays is finally cleared away and all the crap that seems to pile up is getting sorted and put away, it’s time to do my annual stash cleaning and to really buckle down to finish the kimono.

New Years Eve was spent with a pizza, Myrna Loy and William Powell watching the Thin Man movies – I think I made through one and a half before falling asleep.   New Years Day I worked the phone queue for a few hours, then headed over to my sister’s to exchange gifts and indulge in Ebelskivers.  My niece loves to cook and bake and got a special Ebelskiver pan for Christmas.  These are very yummy stuffed Danish pancakes.  She stuffed some with scrambled eggs and bacon, jam, peanut butter chips and even mint chocolate chips.  They all were really good.

My brother-in-law was playing with his new camera and managed to get this shot from an old family slide!

This is Cindy (my little sister) and me showing off Dad’s catch of the day.  I think this was taken outside our house on Franklin Ave, in Hillcrest, NY.  I think I was maybe 5 at the time.

In the mean time I have knit a number of tea cozies.

This is a freebie pattern from Ravelry and takes exactly one skein of Noro Kureyon.   I made a few changes to the original pattern,

After I finish the picot hem I purl one row then start the stockinette in the round – I like that it adds a little ‘bead’ look to the bottom of the cozy.

I also slip the first stitches when doing the opening for the handle when going back and forth – this makes the open edge around the handle-hole a little neater.

For the spout opening I added one more row of the double yarn over to make the hole slightly bigger, I also twist the knit and purl edge stitches around the spout hole before and after the YOs to tighten up the edge stitches and make them neater.

These are quick knits and lots of fun.

I also knit a sweater for my hottie (hot water bottle, not cute guy) since it’s been so cold I love having a nice warm hottie to keep my toes warm.

Another freebie from Ravelry – I knit this from one skein of Louet Riverstone Chunky.  I had scored a bunch of this for felting projects from Webs big after Christmas Sale.

Brian and I went to Webs for the sale on the day after Christmas.  I scored 2 bags of the Louet Riverstone Chunky, 9 skeins of  Cascade 220 all for felting projects, along with 2 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted that I couldn’t resist.

Brian and I had a delicious lunch at Paul and Elizabeth’s Natural Foods Restaurant, in Northampton to top a perfect day.

Last Saturday, my knitting buddy, Erica came to the studio and we spent the day dyeing fiber.  It was an open studio day, but being a holiday weekend and it was snowing all day it was pretty dead so we got a lot done and had lots of fun too.

I’ve been thinking about opening the studio on one Thursday evening a month for people to drop in to learn to spin, or just hang out and bring their knitting projects.   We will see how it pans out – I am still putting together ideas now.

Right now I am looking forward to Saint Distaff Day at the Westford Historical Museum on Sunday.  Then my birthday the following weekend  with a party at my friend Laurel’s (girls only and the hot tub).  Pretty soon (February) it will time to head to SPA!!!  I cannot wait!  It already seems like it’s been a long winter and it’s only the first week in January.  Not a good sign.  At least I don’t mind staying indoors with plenty of knitting and spinning projects to keep me busy.

There were no real resolutions this year either, well maybe one.  I am going to try harder to live greener this year.  I have reusable grocery bags – but don’t always remember to grab them on the way out.  I will try harder this year.

I am also cutting back on cleaning products and eventually eliminating them, especially the ones with chemicals that really aren’t good for me, the cat or the environment.  I actually bought myself a steam mop with reusable pads that you just toss into the wash after using.  I cannot believe how clean (and sanitized) my kitchen and bathroom floors are, just using water/steam!  Now I think I want to get one of those hand-held steamers to clean the rest of the kitchen and bathrooms.   I figure that they will pay for themselves within 6 months if I don’t have to buy chemical cleaners anymore.

Well that’s all for now…  I hope you all find this New Year brings you peace, harmony, health and prosperity!


One response to “Another trip around the sun…

  1. Oh, I LOVE Myrna Loy! I think she is just plain fabulous in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (and Cary Grant ain’t bad either!).

    I’m curious to hear more about your chemical-free cleaning products. Do you have any particular sites online that have good info? I have seen a few here and there, but nothing comprehensive. I would also like to clear the chemicals out of my house, when I can.

    And holy mother of purl, you have some GORGEOUS yarn!


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