A Long Winter

The days are finally showing signs of getting longer.  But the bitter cold continues.  At least the arctic blasts are keeping the snow south of us for now, but that will probably change this week.  At least a few paperwhites bring put a little Spring in my fiber spot.

I have been busy with knitting projects.  I’m mostly working on my kimono for the upcoming show in April.  I am almost finished with the back, but lots of knitting left to do.  I have also managed to scour about half of the fleece I got from Rhinebeck this past year.

And carded some up into lovely fluffy batts.

I think I have enough carded for now to take to Spa so I have something yummy to spin.

I am also almost finished with my socks for the sock swap.  Loved the yarn and the pattern – more to come on those later.

Since both projects are still in the ‘secret’ category, no photos yet.

This past weekend was open studios and although I was on ‘duty’ alone, I was lucky to have some friends come by and spend the day hanging out with me.  I loved that an old high school friend that I recently reconnected with through facebook and who happens to live near by, came down and spent the day.  Thankfully neither of us has a great memory – LOL!

Sunday I made it over to the Ewe’ll Love It Superbowl Sale.  Only picked up some lovely sock yarns for a couple of pair of socks.  I seem to be wearing them out faster than I can knit them for myself.   After the sale I headed over to The Peddler’s Daughter for the knitting group, a pint of Magners and the usual corned beef sandwich – yum!  Nothing is better than a cold pint of Magners Cider.

Only 17 more days until we head up to Freeport for Spa weekend!  I am really looking forward to it this year again.

Wishing Spring would get here faster.


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