Wondering when I had time to work…

I think getting laid off is probably the best thing that has happened in a very long time.  Yes it’s scary, but lets face it, the job sucked, for a very long time.  Now I have a chance to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

It also gave me time to help Cindy and Glenn set up the kimono exhibit.  The opening was a week ago Saturday and I can say it was an overwhelming success.  We were hoping 100 people would come… it was well over 300!  The Kimonos looked spectacular.

2.5 million stitches I estimate and months of work.  I really looks spectacular hanging on the wall.

This one is paint on silk – gorgeous.  You can also get a glimpse of the kimono racks that my friend Bob built.  These racks are amazing.  All done with japanese joinery techniques and not a screw, nail or bolt in sight.

The exhibit goes on until the first Saturday in June, and there are lots of things scheduled on the remaining Saturdays.  This coming Saturday is the Netsuke lecture.

I have also been busy at the studio and at home trying my hand at Natural Dyeing.  I found the book Natural Dyeing by Jackie Crook to be very user friendly and the photography is fantastic.

We started out with Cochineal.  Using different mordants and assists I got a huge range of colors.

Then we experimented with Turmeric

And Brazilwood

I now have red cabbage brewing on the stove for the next dye bath and Cindy had onion skins stewing on her stove.  I’m not sure which smells worse… I think the cabbage.

This weekend we are going to give Indigo dyeing a shot if the weather permits.

All the natural dyed skeins are from the local Romney yarn that I recently acquired.  It dyes beautifully!


7 responses to “Wondering when I had time to work…

  1. that purple one in the middle of the cochineal skeins is AMAZING!

  2. Lookin’ good girlfriend! You deserve the relaxation and fun!

  3. 🙂 Given that I’ve gone back to work (and only part-time, I might add) after 17 months not working, I COMPLETELY understand! Enjoy the time while you have it! Miss my knitting and spinning time, I do.

  4. i had no idea you were laid off…life has a way of opening doors or windows when we least expect them. May many doors be open to you in this chapter of your life. Your kimono was amazing…i’m so glad i was able to be there!

  5. Wow! Everything looks amazing. Those kimonos are spectacular. Delightful!

  6. Your Kimono is breathtaking! And I just adore the turmeric & brazilwood dye jobs – beautiful colors…

  7. I just have to get over there…

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