Little bit of paradise

What can I say, Hermit Island draws us back year after year,

A favorite view

We arrived Thursday at 5pm.  The sun was out, it was 15F cooler than home and the sea breeze was heavenly.

We were setup and settled by 6pm.  Traditional Tacos were served.

The campfire was lovely, and the fog settled in.  We were lulled to sleep by the sound of the crashing surf and the dong dong of the buoy as the tide went out.

I have to say the Hermit Island is seriously creepy on a dark new moon night with heavy fog.

I had checked the forecast and Friday was predicted to be partly cloudy (I interpret mostly sunny), so we headed to Popham Beach for the day with sandwiches, cold water and grapes packed.  There was a fog bank so we couldn’t see the rock, but the tide was heading out so I started walking the sandbar.  I found 4 sand dollars, one was complete but broken in half.  They ranged from a nickle size to an inch and a half in diameter and all with different markings.

Sand Dollars and Shells

The fog started burning off as we left around 4:30pm.

Home Sweet Home

Grilled Chicken Speidies, baked potatoes (loaded), salad, adult beverages.  Note:  This photo was taken before the canopy incident.

Another campfire with S’mores using marshmallows the size of a childs fist.

Saturday it was overcast but we decided to chance a hike along one of the few island trails.


Along the cliffs

High point on the island before the rain started.

Along the path

The New Beach Hut

It started to rain, so we headed back.  We arrived back at the site soaking wet but the humidity was so high the cool rain and ocean breeze felt good. We decided to take early showers and get into dry clothes.

Played some Uno while it rained soft and steady, on and off.

A popup is good when it rains.

It finally let up enough for us to get a fire going to roast hotdogs then smother in chili for dinner.

The fog again rolled in for the night and again we were lulled to sleep with the sounds of the surf and steady dong dong of the buoy.

On Sunday I had to go into Bath early and we decided to go out for breakfast.  We found Mae’s Cafe and Bakery.  I highly recommend the Mae West Omelet (ham, onions, cheese – need I say more), sourdough toast, with homefries.  Grace recommends the Salmon Eggs Benedict.  Toasted english muffin, smear of chive cream cheese, smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  Mary liked her omelet a lot too.

Since it was again overcast and threatening to rain, we decided to head to Brunswick to check out the big flea market.  I did find one treasure, a big jug filled with buttons. The humidity was oppressive so we just wanted to get back to the site, rain or no rain, it was at least cooler by the water.

It was pretty ominous when we got back.  I decided to read nap with a book, and Grace decided to nap and Mary decided to chance a bike ride.

As I lay reading napping, I was vaguely aware of the pitter patter of a gentle rain.  Our site was pretty protected with trees.  I figured Mary would be back soon and would get up when I heard her arrive back, so I drifted back into sleep.

Suddenly I was rudely awakened by a huge crash.  Not knowing it the bed at the other end of the camper had given way.  I knew I hadn’t moved other than to bolt upright.  I saw the Grace was still sleeping and I heard Mary outside.  I ran to the door, but couldn’t get out because the canopy had collapsed with the weight of the water that had collected on it.  It took awhile for Mary to realize that she needed to pull the tarp up so I could get out to help.  We tried in vain to prop it up, but decided once we were soaked to the skin to just roll it up and out-of-the-way then grab the stuff and toss into the car or camper or toss under the picnic table.

Early showers and dry clothes early again.

But tonight we had ordered our traditional last supper.  Lobsters (hard-shell if they got ’em) and a mess ‘o long neck steamers.  They cook it and have it all ready when you arrive.  All we had to do was melt the butter and chill the beers, actually they will even chill the beers and/or wine for you.

Fortunately it only sprinkled slightly but we were able to eat outside, not wanting to have the eau d’ steamed clams and lobsters hanging inside the camper.

It eventually stopped raining as we finished licking the butter off our elbows.  It appeared that fog might settle in again as we got the fire going strong just as the sun fell off the horizon.  We sat by the fire, when Mary noticed that the sky had cleared and the stars were out.  Off we headed to the beach side to an open sky.  We found a sweat spot and turn off the flashlight.  WOW! Billions and Billions of stars.  Stuff you don’t get to see unless there is a new moon and zero light pollution.  The big dipper was so bright.  Brighter than I remembered it.  Then as we scanned a 360 scan, behind we beheld the milky way, stretching across the sky.  It was amazing.  Grace had gone to bed early so I walked back and made her get up to come see it.  She was very glad that I had.  I need to learn how to take night shots.

The next morning we slept in, enjoying the cool ocean breeze and the sound of the surf, the dong dong of the buoy and the loud voices of little boys playing pretend across the way.

Finally most of the surrounding campers had headed off for the day so we got up and moving.  Breakfast of Chester Eggs – these are scrambled eggs with whatever was left and edible in the cooler.  Named after a friend named Chester who made them when we went camping when we were young and had great camping adventures.

We got our stuff together, clean clothes for showers but everything else readied to pack in the car or camper then just hook up and head out.

Packed sandwiches with the left overs, grabbed some chips and cold drinks from the Kelp Shed then headed to the beach.  The sun was out and life was good.



The clouds and fog started heading in so we headed back to the site one more time to pack it up.

We were on the road by 5pm and home around 9pm.

A good time was had by all.

Miss Pickles seems very happy that we are home.

Oh good news!  When I got home I found out that I got a freebie booth for Grotonfest because I volunteered to do demos of spinning all day while hopefully selling my yarns and fibers.  Cindy is joining me for the day, so we get to hang out, enjoy a free concert (not sure who yet but if it’s as good as the past performances it will be good), lots of good food (the apple crisp is a must have) and hopefully sell our wares.  Save the date!

Saturday, September 11, (rain date 9/12) 10 AM to 4:30 PM Legion Common, Groton, MA


2 responses to “Little bit of paradise

  1. this looked like such a blast. I wish I could make smores. I am happy for your great vacay!

  2. great shots! looks like you had a really great time. love the buttons….

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