No Rhinebeck for me :(

Sadly due to my current economic status I am unable to go to Rhinebeck this year.  Boohoo…

So in order to get a little fiber thrill, those of us in the same boat who are staying home this year will be gathering at the studio for some great food, wine, and fun.



3 responses to “No Rhinebeck for me :(

  1. aww, bummer! when I started reading your post, I thought, “oh, some of us who aren’t going should do something fibery! Sounds like you’ve got things all under control. 🙂 What day are you meeting up? Maybe I’ll swing by!

    • This Saturday at the studio from about 3pm until whenever. We are each bringing food and something fibery from your stash wrapped if you want to participate in the Yankee Swap.

      I hope you can come!!!

  2. OOH, that sounds excellent! I am 90% sure I can come.

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