Another year around the corner

It must be that I am getting older.  The years just seem to fly by.  2010 started out with big changes.  My company went down the tubes and our division was sold off.  I was laid off three months later.  Looking for a new job has been daunting.  But it’s been amazing in the sense that I have found out what my true priorities are and just how you can not only survive but thrive with less.

I have spent a lot more time at the studio.  And loving every minute of it!  I knitted like a mad woman from Thanksgiving.  A shawl and hat for my daughter, a matching hat for her boyfriend.

A dead fish hat for my brother-in-law.  (We have had a fishing theme present thing going for a long time).

And then two weeks before Christmas I found this beautiful pattern for a cowl vest that I just knew my sister would love.  We had this bounty of gorgeous BFL hanging around the studio forever and I just knew it was perfect for this vest.

When I came to Wednesday knitting  two weeks before Christmas and showed the ladies of the group the pattern and asked if they thought I could complete this in two weeks – they just laughed.  But I did it!   My sister was thrilled and it fit beautifully.

The hardest part was finding the right buttons!

But now that the rush is over I am searching for the next project.  Time to browse Ravelry I guess.

I also spent a lot of time baking and cooking over the past two weeks.  I am really enjoying baking breads and bagels.  This week I made french baguettes which turned out fantastic and then I had to make onion soup to go with them.  Double YUM!  Now it’s time to jump back on the healthy eating train and dump the 5 pounds I gained with all the eating this past week.

First Saturday happens to fall on New Year’s Day this year, so I expect it to be quiet at the studios.  But I will be there just in case anyone wants to come and hang out.  We are going to do a pot luck up on the third floor so if you do stop by and the door is closed, come on up, grab some food and say hi!

I am not one for resolutions, but I do need to get a lot of spinning done.  And my sister got me a Bond Knitting Machine for Christmas, so I want to learn how it works and hopefully get it working.  And of course I want to find a wonderful job!

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year!



4 responses to “Another year around the corner

  1. The sweater is beautiful! No one is laughing now. 🙂 Happy new year!

  2. Everything turned out beautiful, and I love that picture of Grace and her boyfriend with matching hats!

  3. Good job on the hats! I was lazy and knitted nothing this year.

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

  4. LOVE the hats!!!! And yes, happy anni-blog 🙂

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