Another year around the corner

It must be that I am getting older.  The years just seem to fly by.  2010 started out with big changes.  My company went down the tubes and our division was sold off.  I was laid off three months later.  Looking for a new job has been daunting.  But it’s been amazing in the sense that I have found out what my true priorities are and just how you can not only survive but thrive with less.

I have spent a lot more time at the studio.  And loving every minute of it!  I knitted like a mad woman from Thanksgiving.  A shawl and hat for my daughter, a matching hat for her boyfriend.

A dead fish hat for my brother-in-law.  (We have had a fishing theme present thing going for a long time).

And then two weeks before Christmas I found this beautiful pattern for a cowl vest that I just knew my sister would love.  We had this bounty of gorgeous BFL hanging around the studio forever and I just knew it was perfect for this vest.

When I came to Wednesday knitting  two weeks before Christmas and showed the ladies of the group the pattern and asked if they thought I could complete this in two weeks – they just laughed.  But I did it!   My sister was thrilled and it fit beautifully.

The hardest part was finding the right buttons!

But now that the rush is over I am searching for the next project.  Time to browse Ravelry I guess.

I also spent a lot of time baking and cooking over the past two weeks.  I am really enjoying baking breads and bagels.  This week I made french baguettes which turned out fantastic and then I had to make onion soup to go with them.  Double YUM!  Now it’s time to jump back on the healthy eating train and dump the 5 pounds I gained with all the eating this past week.

First Saturday happens to fall on New Year’s Day this year, so I expect it to be quiet at the studios.  But I will be there just in case anyone wants to come and hang out.  We are going to do a pot luck up on the third floor so if you do stop by and the door is closed, come on up, grab some food and say hi!

I am not one for resolutions, but I do need to get a lot of spinning done.  And my sister got me a Bond Knitting Machine for Christmas, so I want to learn how it works and hopefully get it working.  And of course I want to find a wonderful job!

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year!



7 responses to “Another year around the corner

  1. The sweater is beautiful! No one is laughing now. 🙂 Happy new year!

  2. Everything turned out beautiful, and I love that picture of Grace and her boyfriend with matching hats!

    • s t u p e n d o questo disco.è jazz o è coantmporanee?Poco importa.Ci sono alcuni musicisti che ti ricordano ogni tanto che la stradaintrapresa è quella giusta…Mike Reed è uno di questi.G.

    • Thanks, mileposter! Your links follow below. (For everyone: mileposter really does have some fascinating things going on with his alternative technology!) I hadn’t made the connection, but you’re right — there is something steampunkian about your values!

  3. Good job on the hats! I was lazy and knitted nothing this year.

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

  4. LOVE the hats!!!! And yes, happy anni-blog 🙂

  5. He probably will claim lost of reseunev, because he had to close his twitter account for nobody would take him serious (of course not because of himself, but due to the cyber bulling by those “fake” twitter accounts) And from here on, he will call them does 002 and 003

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