Spinning Lessons

Learn How to Spin on a Wheel


Do you knit or crochet and have wanted to learn how to make your own yarn?

Have you gone to Fiber Festivals and drooled over the lovely fleece and handpainted rovings but didn’t know what to do with them?

Have you longed to learn how to spin on a spinning wheel?

I recently acquired a second Lendrum Wheel and would love to teach you how to spin.

In four hours you can learn how to prepare fiber for spinning. I will teach you how to prep, card and comb the fiber, spin it into singles, and ply it into a two-ply skein of yarn.

I am available for lessons, evenings and weekends.

Only $65 for 4 hours of one on one private lessons.

I provide all the materials and equipment. You just come, have fun and after 4 hours you will have made a skein of your very own handspun yarn.

Please contact me at lynne@tangledandwarped.com



4 responses to “Spinning Lessons

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  2. Hello

    My name is Christi I am a friend of Nancy’s. She has told me for years about your excellent skills as a Knitter.

    I am a Baby knitter (rookie or newbie) but I taught my self to knit the basics; hats, scarves and a very basic sweater (no collar it just rolls at each end.)

    I would love to meet you and ask you about 2 million questions about specific stitches or how to Read a pattern instead of winging it or having someone tell me how many rows or stitches across I need to knit/purl. I am not quite at the spinning stage yet, although I know that I am headed that way… (Your spinning is beautiful by the way!)

    Anyway I would love to talk to you if you have the time. My email address is christi.grausam@gmail.com. Please let me know… 🙂

  3. Interested in learning to spin…have Schacht wheel and bags of my own rovings no clue as how to spin it and no locals interested in teaching…is this online? MJ Mastro

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