It’s all about me…

 Grace and Me


Some day I’ll do one of those “100 Things about ME” lists, number one is I hate lists, so don’t count on it.

I’m a single mom by choice, to a teenage daughter.  This is why I knit and spin.  It’s cheaper than therapy.  Well maybe it used to be, but I’m not so sure now. 

I am also owned by two cats, a calicao, named Spirit who is a very old lady, and a tuxedo, Rocky, who is a perpetual adolescent, but he is a sweet boy.  Now if they would just stop catching all those yarn balls in my basket and bringing their ‘catch’ to me in the middle of the night all would be well.

I’m also a witch, and a reader of tarot cards.  I have been for thirty-six years, so if you want to try to convert me, save your breath.  If you get too obnoxous about it I will block you as well as curse you for eternity (well not really, but sometimes idle threats do work).

I’m a capricorn and I’m over fifty, so I’m opinionated with an attitude.  I once read in a book that menopausal women should channel all they ‘extra’ energy into harrassing writing to their government representatives rather than taking it out on their friends and family.  I have taken this to heart and generally find a reason to contact my congressman and/or senator on a weekly basis. However I don’t think I can write directly to the prez anymore.  I’m sure I’m on some seditious list somewhere.  It comes from being an old hippie and anachrist at heart.  So if you don’t like my opinions, lifestyle, politics or religion, I strongly suggest you forget me and move on to the next victim blogger who I’m sure will welcome you with open arms. However, if you choose to stay play nice or I will zap you. 



11 responses to “It’s all about me…

  1. Sounds like ‘Home Sweet Home’ to me. And I love that you express all of this in your blog. Both of mine are ‘sanitized’ due to family & friends that don’t need to know my religious and/or political views. ack!

    off to read your achives,
    a new reader

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  2. *taps fingers on desk and wonders why nobody is postin*

    \”Postin\” -Southern Verb, to post. lol

    • What a nice story. All brides are beautiful on their wedding day but you were exioctpenal. Brian looked handsome and together you make a awesome couple. Wishing you both the best ever. Love you both.

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  3. Witch? Witch?? You say you’re a WITCH???

    Well, who knew.

    Oh Wait.

    I knew that.

    That little witchy-poo thing is what brought us together all those years ago, right????

    Yeah. I knew that.

    Love you,

    AH – The other witchy-poo

  4. Hey! I was looking through old bookmarks and stumbled across yours. LOVE what you’re doing with spinning and knitting! (I _think I remember how to cast on…) How’s tricks?

  5. The Green Witch

    Greetings from England, Witchypoo! LOVE your attitude – we could do with a few more of you about the place!!

    I’ll be taking a good look about your site – I sew and make jewellery, cook and garden but I haven’t knitted since grade school and would like to begin again – and tapestry appeals as well! Suddenly I’m getting Crafty!

    Bright blessings and I’ll be back – I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve put you on my blogroll!

  6. Hi. Sorry about your employment situation. Life is good here at Black Water farm, with chickens, rabbits and goats (no sheep though, sorry). Lost my religion, found a better one. I’m blogging, but it’s mostly political rants, or you can find me on Facebook.



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