Haste makes waste

or.. I have too many damn things going on I was bound to screw up something.


I was attaching/needle felting the pansies on to the purse and if you notice, I did it on the WRONG side of the bag.  Feh…. hopefully my sister won’t notice.  I hate it when I do stupid things like that, especially when they cannot be ‘fixed’.


3 responses to “Haste makes waste

  1. How is it the “wrong side”? It’s not the inside, right? Just the back and not the front? You could always add more flowers on the other side if it drives you too crazy. In any case, the flowers look wonderful!

  2. Bah don’t be silly. That was a design element 😉

  3. I never noticed but now that she mentioned it…….. Only kidding. I love it and since I’m such a backwards person, it works.

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